Founding of the Glenwood Community Forum

What started as an idea for a 5 Km Community Fun Run has developed into a fully fledged community forum, with the key objective of raising the profile of the Glenwood area as a good place to live, work, educate and raise a family.

The Glenwood Community Forum has been set up by a group of educators, religious leaders, law enforcement officers and business/professional people in the Glenwood area. Founding members include Glenwood High School, Glenwood Prep School, Glenwood Community Church, Umbilo SAPS, Umbilo Community Police Forum and the Davenport District (various businesses and restaurants in Davenport Road).

The Forum was formed in 2007 and extensive press coverage has highlighted its aims and objectives. Various churches, schools and businesses in Glenwood have pledged their support for the Forum and are actively involved in the events planned by the Forum.

The Forum’s main objective is to promote positive values, family values, respect for each other and respect for each other’s property within the community. Other objectives include assisting those in need in the Glenwood area, via the provision of appropriate support, including but not limited to the provision of personal support services, counseling and other appropriate interventions.

gcf-BGThe annual Glenwood Festival our flagship event, is unique in many respects and is certainly a first for Durban.